Monday, April 14, 2008

My Transformation

1. I started sl as a Nightclub female avatar. I couldn't get back the old avatar now so I can't show you here. SL has changed this avatar. She used to wear light blue top but not it has changed to a purple top.

2. This is my 2nd transformation. A free Dakota skin. I had this skin from Men in Action skin shop. Seems like they have changed a lot. I couldn't locate back my free Dakota skin now. In fact, when I re-visited this landmark today, some guy (moreno22knarias Maximus) try to hit me with a junkie car.. lol.. funny. As if my av can feel anything :p

3. My 3rd transformation. A skin I bought named "JUN" from Sakurako Design. Once again, I couldn't locate this shop. Perhaps they have moved. Let me try my luck with the Search engine. Hopefully I won't get hit by some car, helicopter, bicycles... this time. Wow! I've found it. Their skin seems to improved a lot from previous old skin. Very tempting to get another one ......

Landmark: *Sakurako* SKIN & SHAPE, sunset resort2 (204, 220, 22)

4. My 4th transformation is D-Skin09 from D-Skin. This is better, their shop is still at the same landmark I had. I wore this for quite sometime until I found my next skin...

Landmark: ::D-Skin::, Linji (209, 189, 35)

5. This is my 5th transformation and I still love this the most. Rita skin from RAC. Although my friend, Milissa Rossini wrote a blog on skin and did mention about the price for RAC skin, I still like this skin the best. Consumers have the choice to buy or not to buy if they think the price is too much. For me, RAC not only have very nice skin, but they also have very nice hair. Sometimes I don't mind paying for the quality I get. I'm very happy with RAC so far. Currently RAC is closed of updates. I missed going there. I need to get more hair!!!!... hehehehe You can see one of their hair here. The flows is so nice and real. Ok..ok.. I will talk about hair in my next blog. Let's concentrate on my transformation for this.

Landmark: RaC Skins Hair Cloth, RaC City (197, 181, 27)

6. I don't consider this as my transformation but more like getting bored and trying out new skin. Now this skin is even more expensive than RAC but hey, it's quite nice.

This is Eva skin from Insolence. Have a look yourself at this skin make up. It is actually quite nice.

Landmark: INSOLENCE -- Lingerie -- Shoe, Venom (73, 205, 38)

7. Recently I tried another skin from Shop BF. The skin looks quite young. And I bought 3 of them as I like them all.. hehehe. This I'm wearing on the photo is Mai's skin. I have also bought Ai and Mei's skin from this shop.

Landmark: SHOP BF, New Tokyo (134, 89, 26)

8. This is the final skin I've just tried on recently. It is Sonia Sun skin from Glamour.

The make up is a bit pale for the skin I've choosen. But there are plenty more other different make up from that shop. Perhaps my shape doesn't suit this skin >.<

Landmark: Glamour Studios - Skins - Shapes, Romantica (35, 33, 151)

My conclusion is in my transformation so far I still prefer RAC skin the best. I'm waiting for them to reopen for new updates. Very excited now..... :)
Oh well.. as for now.. let me get back to my dreamland... hehehe.. sl time....

I will write something on my full load of hairs in my next blog.

Flickr Photos

I forgot my username and password to this blog.
I'm back again now... wow!

Can't even remember how to write blog. Now I'm just testing.

Many had happenned since I last wrote this blog.

Well, but thought I would share some photos with you whilst I get myself back into action.