Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Expedition in SecondLife

How did I venture into SecondLife?

I was watching the television one night (back in Nov-06) and saw this show where one of our aussie commentator was interviewing Philip Rosedale (Founder and CEO of SecondLife). I was thinking to check out this so called "SecondLife" but was too busy in my FirstLife hence flushed it out of my memory.

In June-07, the tv programme came on show again. This time I thought I would give it ago.
I went into website and start registering for an account. I need to download an over 30mb of client software in order to play. I almost gave up with my slow internet connection.

I was happy when my downloading is showing a 99% completion. I then installed the software and start logging in.

Not sure what to expect, I saw my avatar appearing on my screen. Hey! I thought I look pretty cool!. All around me was pretty cool with avatars standing around looking lost as me.

There I met my friend, Purple and another male avatar whom I have forgotten his name. After chatting with Purple it seems like we are both from Australia and had watched the same tv programmed to join SecondLife.

We start to walk around this round white surrounding we are in (now that I know it is called the Orientation Island). But we couldn't go anywhere. We seems lost and stucked. I thought that was how big SecondLife is. How boring.

I chatted with Purple a bit and then decided to zzzzzzzzzz.
To be continued.....